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Default Face Template Replacements

Date: September 13, 2008

(Click image to see all face templates)

These files (an extensively revised version of the set I have up at MTS2, based on templates provided by AllenABQ) replace the template faces in CAS and BodyShop with less grotesque versions. These are also the faces the game will use to generate new townies and NPC's and to help merge the features of Sim couples in their children. They will not affect existing Sims, only new ones.

Thanks to the efforts of the lovely and talented Argon and terrakosmos, this set also restores the missing toddler, child, teen and elder faces for templates #21 and 25, and adds a completely new 28th face family, for a total of 224 faces (versus 204 in a standard Maxis installation.)

Please note: The set is broken into three files due to the download size: one for adults and elders, one for teens, and one for toddlers and children. All three files include the full set #28 and Argon's Archetype Fix (included by permission.)

You don't have to use all the faces if you don't want to, and you can mix and match them with other sets if you like, but you can use only one version of the same face at one time. (Thanks to Argon's kind assistance, however, my new 28th set will no longer conflict with his original templates or other faces based on them!) If you download all three files, just let argon_archfix.package and AD_facefile_all28-argon.package overwrite when you extract them into your Downloads folder.

Download the Toddler and Child faces here.

Download: AD_Facefiles_P_C_Argon_28.rar (1851 Downloads)

Requirements: No EP Required, Base Game

Date: January 23, 2008

Download the Teen faces here.

Download: AD_Facefiles_T_Argon_28.rar (1697 Downloads)

Requirements: No EP Required, Base Game

Date: January 23, 2008

Download the Adult and Elder faces here.

Download: AD_Facefiles_A_E_Argon_28.rar (1714 Downloads)

Requirements: No EP Required, Base Game

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